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Magyar Tükör

| Blog | August 24, 2010

Magyar Tükör

We are a powerful online voice for change in America.

We are united by our common dreams of peace and security, equal opportunity, and meaningful participation in our society. We are energized by our passionate belief that these dreams should be within reach of everyone. Regardless of nationality, race, religion, gender or status.

We like to keep The Amerikai Magyar Tukor a friendly place for entire Community of individuals and businesses participating in our daily life. You’ll find here just good people, friends and businesses that will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and your life better.

Be actively involved and JOIN

We and everyone in our “web town” are anxious to welcome newcomers, individuals and businesses to be actively involved. Be a Citizen Journalist – report the NEWS. Share your news story or write about your business. Make your opinion heard. Make a difference.

Those that have not yet taken the first steps to join us, please visit the ‘Join’ section, Sign Up and join in the conversations. Please click here or go to the Homepage and click “Join” and create an account. If you’re an existing Facebook user, it’s one-click super-easy – go to the Homepage or top navigation and click “Connect with Facebook.” Really, it’s easy.

How to post?

After you’ve created an account or logged in with Facebook — click on Login. From there, you can create a post or comment. It’s relatively easy, but go ahead and try out a test post — it will not be published live.

What’s my publishing status?

Once you Join — you’re a Amerikai Magyar Tukort Contributor. All posts are reviewed by our Editors before going live on the site. Once you become a trusted member of The Amerikai Magyar Tukor, your status can be upgraded to Amerikai Magyar Tukor Author. That means your posts will be published live without review. Regardless if you’re a Contributor or Author — you’re eligible to win if your post is selected as “Most Popular.”

What’s a news mashup?

You can create your own original commentary or article, or, create a post related to a news story or trend. Instead of having just one POV, include a few – a snippet from CNN, Fox, Index.hu, Origo.hu, MTI.hu, etc. – with links to the official stories. Provide a 360 degree view on the topic; include a related photo or YouTube video. Add in your own commentary. And always give credit where credit is due. If you heard about the story via Digg, please note that (ex: from CNN Via Fark).

Here’s some examples Former lawyer charged in Ponzi scheme | Charlie Sheen and wife want reconciliation | Berlusconi will remain hospitalized…

About the content

Everyone owns their own content. If you create an original post, you own it. If it is a post that features snippets from multiple sources, the related content belongs to the respective owner.

We believe in open source and open blogging. If you want to take a more active roll in approving stories, please drop us a line. Have fun and respect fellow contributors.

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